Physiotherapy Definition

تعریف فزیوتراپی: فزیوتراپی یکی از رشته های صحی بوده که تمرکز آن بالای حرکات، فعالیت بدنی و افزایش توانمندی انسان توسط تداوی با تمرینات معالجوی،

Free online continuous professional education (CPE) modules

  Rehab monitor is a first of its kind web-technology platform developed in South Asia to promote Interdisciplinary practice in Rehabilitation. The website is an


AAPT Membership database This DATABASE system is funded by Handicap International under project”Towards Disability Inclusive Development through a Strengthened Rehabilitation Sector in South Asia”  

PT Training in Afghanistan

Physical therapy education in Afghanistan began with the Physical Therapy Institute (PTI, then known as the Physiotherapy School of Kabul), started by the International Assistance

PT Research in Afghanistan

Physiotherapy-related research in Afghanistan is a new addition to the profession. This is a field with potential, and Afghan physiotherapists are now becoming more involved

PT Services in Afghanistan

There are about 250 physical therapists in the country, including physical therapy assistants. Physical therapists in Afghanistan are presently employed mainly by non-governmental organizations (NGOs),